Entrepreneurship is not ideation

I have, all my life, been of the thought that an entrepreneur is one who comes up with ideas that might make large amounts of money. And by that definition, then I am perhaps a great entrepreneur. But I am not a great entrepreneur. I have, in my mental cellar, hundreds of ideas waiting to be manifested, but none so. What is the difference then between me and a real entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur makes things happen.

An entrepreneur is not one who generates great business ideas nor one who feels that he will someday execute on one of those ideas. An entrepreneur is one who executes, immediately and without hesitant and pessimistic contemplation. An entrepreneur is one who learns by launching and failing than by reading and seeking. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be an entrepreneur, and you don’t need a large social network to be an entrepreneur. No, you need to launch to be an entrepreneur. You need to execute. You need to manifest. An entrepreneur is one who does not allow an idea to nestle in his mind, but immediately starts asking, how can I make this happen, today.

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