We must learn not to take things personally. No one ever intends to hurt us. Every one is busy living their own life, waging a war within, and focusing on accomplishing their own dreams, that they hardly put any effort into their communication, or pay no special consideration to what they say. It is no wonder that every other song we hear on the radio mentions the concept of “haters”. Haters are fictional characters perceived by every human. We are so overwhelmed, so captivated by our own lives, that we think the world conspires to make our life miserable when things aren’t going our way. We hate society because we think it hates us. But it cannot be that people are as cruel as our minds make them to be, that it must be just us mistaking what is a lack of attention on the other person’s part as bitterness and meanness. It is all a matter of misunderstanding, that had the other person known how their words made you feel, they would be sincerely apologetic, and swear that they meant no harm. But we cannot run to every person who we feel has offended us and try to settle our debts. This is a matter that must be settled within. We must learn to see society’s bitterness as not personal at all, but one huge misunderstanding.

Communication between two humans is by far the most complex task for a human brain, and misunderstandings and errors arise often. Conversation is a game of fast chess. Once one makes his move, it is up to the other to cleverly asses the right response, and since a spontaneous response must be generated within milliseconds, it is no wonder that people say such silly things during small talk. There is no time to consider if the statement is harmful or not, it must be orated lest we be conceived awkward. But, with practice and experience, we can learn what to and not to say. This we call manners, but we cannot expect everyone to carry this same experience and practice, that if we encounter someone without these traits, we should recognize it as a matter of inexperience, and not take it personally. Alas the world is one large sphere of confusion, a perpetual misunderstanding of words between people, a struggle for every man to be understood and accepted.

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