The New & Old

Life is a war between the old and the new. The old becomes history, the new becomes old, the two combine and reproduce to make the new new, and ever onwards. Every generation out does the other, and while it may seem unlikely, our minds will one day shut, its views will freeze, and what we believe will be our truth until death, with no capacity for new. Our children will see us as old and traditional, just as we see our ancestors today. What the next generation sees cannot be seen or understood by previous generations, for they dwell in the land of the old, where the ministers of new dare not enter lest they be victims of dogma and antiprogress. Thus life is subject to the same rules as numbers, namely that you can always add 1. The worn out horses must choose their number and retire, but the energetic young stallions aim for numbers which the elders imagined impossible to fathom, and this cycle has created the ever progressing world around us.

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