Ones and Zeros

The human has two states: happiness and sadness, or in other words, 1 and 0. Using ones and zeros, humans are able to create infinitely complex and super powerful computers. And where else do we get our design inspirations from other than nature? You see, with these two simple emotions, these two states, nature is able to dictate your every move and direction. 1 implies energy flow, happiness, a signal of affirmation, to usher you to continue doing what you’re doing. Zero is an off state, where there is no flow of electricity, felt by us as bleak and bitter sadness, telling us to change our direction, to do something different. Enough of these combinations, of these 1s and 0s, these sequences of episodes of happiness and sadness, and we are somehow magically led to a place we couldn’t have imagined, to a level of thought we could not have foreseen. Our ship is steered little by us, but by the raging waves and heavy winds of nature, which leave us with but one path to travel on.

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