Only once

So much practical external has changed in the past few years with direct impact on my life, which, come to think about it, I have not had any say-so in. Why was I not consulted? Why weren't you consulted? Who was consulted? Where's my vote man?

Perhaps I have become too tainted by the charm of smart contracts and the promise of decentralized autonomous organizations, but it appears that if every single collective action is not put to a vote—crippling in efficiency as it may be—then there are necessarily entities that are entrusted to act and enact on their own behest on behalf of the whole. But what kind of design is it that 0.000001% of the population are making decisions on behalf of the whole? Sounds like a system conceived of before computers were.

As an axiom of my own existence, I'd like to be consulted when UX changes are proposed. Sadly, today's sentiment on the matter has shifted towards—or has perhaps always been—viewing the masses as buffoons not capable of being trusted or informed enough to make good decisions. Whether or not this is the case, it is fundamental to understand that if not the masses deciding, it is a select few. In a fantastical world where the collective governing body had no power to act without putting every proposal to public vote, I would prefer the outcome of the collective's psyche than the opinion of the select. I believe one is self-correcting, and the other runaway lunacy.

But, there is hope. I've come to realize that the timescale on which our political simulation runs is not on the order of days, months, or years, but rather generations and millennia. You don't have a vote on every matter. You are the vote. The way you live, your beliefs, your actions, your stances and opinions—this is your vote. You have only one.

If you have a belief, act on it. If you have an opinion, speak it. If you disagree with something, vote by acting in the opposite.

Each generation votes only once. Over time, this shapes and carves our world.

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