The human function is to want

The illusion, or the projection, that the mind makes on our consciousness is that the human function works like this:

wants = get_finite_wants();
want_index = 0;

while(self.alive) {
  if(want_index >= wants.length) {


But that’s not it. It's what we're lead to believe. That our wants are finite. And that we work towards them, and achieve success once we iterate through all of them.

It’s a damned, cruel trick that life plays on us.

In reality, the human function is:

while(self.alive) {

There is no wants array. There is no counter. No matter how “successful" someone becomes, they still want for more.

I promised I wouldn’t have any new morals for the next few posts, but I couldn’t help myself: Don’t optimize your life around wants. Because it’s infinitely recursive.

The human function is to want. To live is to want. That’s the process of life. The mechanism of growth. You can never comment out self.want(), but you can append more lines to your human function to add more meaning to your life-loop:

while(self.alive) {

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