Get into it

Get into it and you’ll be into it.

It’s so commonly prescribed as to almost be cliche, but we know the hardest part of doing anything is starting it.

Starting requires the most amount of energy. But, you only need one Big Bang.

Once you start, physics kicks in. Momentum. Inertia. At that point, you’ll just keep going until something stops you.

This pervades every corner of our world.

Cars make all kinds of funky noises when they start in the cold. But once they warm up, they drive like a dream.

It’s a lot harder to start running than it is to stop.

Waking up by alarm is hard. But once you’re up, you’re up.

Do you ever pick up one dish, then find yourself just full-on cleaning your entire house?

Do you ever start something reluctantly, and find that it might be easier to just keep going?

Do you ever start something reluctantly, and find that you’re actually enjoying it, and that it wasn’t so bad?

You just have to get into it. Then you’ll be into it.

I’ve been focused on the human/operations side of business for the past few months and staying away from code. Now, I have to get back into the code. But my code engine has been inactive and making all kinds of funny noises when I try to start it. I struggled for a few days, but then I just got into it. First by doing something really small, like five minutes, then compounding each additional session.

I’m at about 30mph now, heating up towards 70. At 70, there’s no stopping me. And that gets to be another problem.

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