The story progresses

For the deity-fearing amongst us, closure is part of the benefits package. You get a nice little beginning, middle, and end, all packaged in a wonderfully vivid story passed down through the millennia.

For the agnostics and the 100% sure—lack of closure is the name of the game. At first creating a black hole of meaninglessness and insignificance, the void slowly incorporates itself into every area of life, ultimately finding ways to be useful and productive, until a lack of conclusion becomes a great point of opportunity and not a source of anguish. It allows one to fantasize, create, and wonder on their own stories, and settle on something that fits nicely with them. It expands the world, and now rather than having one definite story, the possible storylines become endless. Between now and the heat death (?) of the universe several trillion years from now, anything can happen. It’s why shows like Black Mirror are so uniquely stimulating.

But while the lack of music in space seems at once eerie and irresolvable, I do think there is a conclusion to all this. I do think there is a story here—an objective source and destination for life. I think we or some future species will make progress in uncovering the details of our precarious existence. There is an explanation for all this, and it will use words like “and then,” “unbeknownst to them,” and “finally,” and not words like “randomly exploding ball of energy,” “chaos theory,” “random mutations,” and “infinity”.

Neitzche becried that God is dead and we are the murderers, but what he couldn’t imagine was the birth of something far more powerful.

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