I woke up later than usual today, after staying up last night trying to get to the bottom of Origin by Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code, which I haven't read). The book is thus far interesting, and is more like an art and religion manifesto by the author (though I’m only three-quarters of the way in), and is filled with mouthwatering descriptions of Spanish art and architecture and an overall well-fitted encapsulation of the role of religion and science today. It’s a compelling read if you’re looking for a break from reality.

I went on a nice walk with my dog today, after the poor little man had been trapped indoors for the last few weeks. It’s been less than ten degrees on average, and no matter how brazen he is in anticipation, he can’t take more than a few dozen steps outside without immediately surrendering to the freeze. He’ll stand up on his hind legs and surrender his arms in the sky, hinting at me to levitate him at once. He’s nimble, and at eighteen pounds, is about the size of a fox, so it’s manageable. My MacBook is however only two pounds, so muscle atrophy will come into play.

Of course, I’m deep in technical hell right now, so my pace is forceful. I’ve had to demolish many comfortable areas of code in order to make way for the new, and the city lies helpless in rubble right now. The poor citizens don’t know what hit them, but not to worry, your god is deep in thought right now. A decision will be made soon. Inside, new religions have already been formed to deal with the devastation.

Although, I have been mindful of my pace. I had been driving well above my speed limit for the past week, but caught myself yesterday after noticing how bad the swerving was getting. What if you just slowed down? Eassyyyy. Just take it eassssyyyyy. See, doesn’t that feel better? Indeed it did. I hypnotized myself by depriving my mind of all its chatter, and dumbingly repeated What if you just slowed down as if I were trying to memorize it. I instructed the other part of my mind to sneakily pass a message to my body to start moving things around. I picked up a cup, and walked it to the kitchen. You're doing great. There were two dishes on the kitchen counter, so I lifted them to the sink. I then looked at my living room in total dismay and violently wondered how that could have happened since the last time I cleaned it two days ago.

These bizarre creatures go to considerable lengths to avoid tidying their living space.

Sorry, have been watching too much Planet Earth. The last of it actually, which makes me sad. The intro theme to season two is just heartbreakingly beautiful. It hits me so hard. The most compelling stories are the ones that leave you shaken afterwards, not for days, but weeks, months, and perhaps the rest of your life. I struggle to name anything that has so profoundly shaken my understanding of the world as the Planet Earth series. It used to be that bibles, torahs, and qurans appeared once in a millennia. Now we stream divine revelation. What a beautiful thing.

I have left today to make lunch, which I’m still having to hypnotize myself to do. Must get back to work. You’ll do better work if you do this stuff first. Ok fine.

Life is so hard.

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