Chip Away

I forgot to walk my dog until noon this morning. In our four years together, this has never happened. In David Attenborough voice, these are signs of a tumultuous time.

The offline installation of extensions has been such a challenging problem, that longing for any gratification, I feel instantly accomplished by doing any minute task, like properly indenting a line or changing a margin. Yup. That’ll do it for today. When the problem is a behemoth, you dread fighting, and are easily fatigued. But, I’ve found that even if all I get are a peaceful two hours of work, then I don’t mind chipping away at this problem at the pace it demands. Chipping away, in fact, is the magic of nature. So, while I may chisel only a mote, I do appreciate the process of things, and understand that incessant chiseling is far more producing than instantaneous productivity.

I have no idea how much further I have. So I’ll just continue to chisel languidly until I’ve removed enough obstacle-matter to see the light hiding behind. That’s when the energy returns.

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