Sorry, nothing today

It would be easier if I didn’t have to publish this. I could just write the … silliest … things.

Some days are subtle, like today. Fair-weathered, all around. My brain’s fan spins with a soothing calmness, unlike my macbook when I accidentally write a recursive javascript function, which seems to be happening more than it should.

Progress remains steady on the new update. The codebase is cooling and taking form, after being molten for the past few weeks.

I’m currently knee deep in The Da Vinci Code, having thoroughly enjoyed Origin. I’m glad I’m not reading it on paper though—my thumbs are aching after having to press down on and define so many of Brown's indulgent words. After Origin, I tried reading a few other books, but eventually succumbed to the craving of the way the Origin’s author tells a story. In his novels, art, architecture, and history are the main attraction. The human characters—well. It's not that kind of book. He weaves between fiction and nonfiction, cooling you with facts while delivering with surprising substance.

I don’t have a conclusion today so I’ll just sign it with a date to give it some symmetry and closure.

January 19, 2018, 7:56 PM

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