Wildcard schedule

I mentioned how the transitioning of something from the unconscious to the conscious can sometimes ruin that thing for me. Like when I’m watching a movie and see through bad acting, and start feeling the presence of a camera crew behind the set. Strangely, this also happens with my unconscious routines. I’ll go about a few days where, by chance, I will have enjoyed the actions of the first day, so do the same the next day, and same the next. But somehow, invariably, and usually after about the fifth day, I start seeing diminishing returns. This routine that was once so stimulating and full of promise has now grown too rigid to sticking with scripture of the past.

I like the idea of incorporating some dynamic factor to your day or daily routine. If you do the same exact thing every single day, in the exact same order on the exact same stroke of time, you will become one of those time-lapse reels they show in movies of the character’s enthusiasm gradually diminishing with every new sun rise, and how after only a few days, the character longs for something new. What if our routine consisted of change? A wild card. An asterisk in your schedule, randomly inserted by you as you go. Usually go right?—go left.

I can’t imagine change ever being something one gets bored of. Exhausted of, sure, but at least always in anticipation. My dog’s entire happy existence is based on anticipation.

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