Chaos. Pure chaos.

By now, we should have all heard the expression that goes something like “you can’t always get what you want because if everyone got what they wanted the world would be in utter chaos and disarray.”

I asked my wife recently whether she believed if someone wishing bad for you is enough for those wishes to have any concrete effect on your life. In other words, if enough people pray silently to all the gods in the world for your demise, can that possibly materialize into anything? She hesitated. On the one hand, she knew very well that the prospect of your life being negatively affected by the mere act of another’s wishing was preposterous and ungrounded in any material physics. On the other hand, she said jokingly, you have to be careful: the universe is just out there granting everyone’s wishes.

I laughed, but then in a flash revelation thought—holy shit. The world being utter chaos because everyone sort of gets what they want: that’s exactly the world we’re living in.

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