I screwed up today. At 3:45am, I surprised myself awake. I was then faced with an important decision: check phone, or don’t check phone.

The rules are simple: if I check my phone, I’ll be riled up by some alert, and won’t be able to fall back asleep.

If I don’t check my phone, I’ll be antsy.

This isn’t a common occurrence. It’s only because I finally launched the big update. Lots of moving parts, and from the time I fell asleep, tectonic shifts may have occurred.

So I checked it.

And I’ve been awake ever since.

I skipped morning coffee, thinking I might be able to take an early nap and catch up. No dice. Have been responding to emails all day. My favorite part of the job, but also the most demanding. A blaring headache, also uncommon, began to crystalize at around 3pm, reverberating sharp ringing pangs in my skull. I scrambled to pour a cup of coffee down my throat, and my brain was appeased.

There’s no telling when I’ll fall asleep today.

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