I’ve moved on to the third of the Dan Brown reading series, and at this point have grown just a little bit tired of the same plot-and-twist. But, his writing is instructional, so I'm attempting to stick it out. This book is Inferno, and—it may just be me—but it lacks the same profundity of topic as the others (The Da Vinci Code and Origin). I did however encounter one subtle passage that caught me meandering:

Vayentha swallowed hard, scarcely daring to imagine the possibility. Has Langdon eluded Brüder as well? It seemed unthinkable; the chances of escape had been near zero. Then again, Langdon was not working alone, and Vayentha had experienced firsthand how resourceful the blond woman could be.

The word resourceful at the end sounds humble and unassuming, but, as demonstrated in this military-level scenario, is deceptively capable of outwitting even the most formidable opponents. Resourceful is defined as: having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulty.


Finds quick and clever ways to overcome difficulty. I want to be that strain of algorithm. And, said about someone else, I can think of no more worthy a compliment. It says—have away with your intelligence, charm, and confidence; if I shall find a way to dance just once with the pure form of this trait, then I will have died a happy, accomplished man.

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