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Love the work you are doing! Take care!

Slick blogging platform, especially with the custom domain name support. Very tempted!

Love the work on the software, love the writing on the blog. Keep it all up - forever grateful :)

The only reason I like simulation theory is that there could be a non-zero chance to maybe take control of the simulation and bend it to my will. Basically the plot of the Magic 2.0 (off to be a wizard is the first book) series, oh how I wish to access the simulation and do random nonevil stuff.

Hey I read the first blog post about privacy that you made on standard note blog; I liked it. Privacy is essential and we must defend it at all cost. The app is great and I was searching a quality app that worked across all systems like this. Thank You very much. God bless you and your family. Tom

I upgraded to SNX, the gem is your reserved and debt-less attitude in an era of gluttony. Great team, code, and words. —J

Thank you and the others in the Standard Notes team for making a great product!

Love this blog, really enjoyed the comparison between smartphones and road building on Sep 1st.

I like your brain very much!

Thank you for Standardnote. Thank you for blogging. Love your blog. To me it's insightful and clever and makes me smile. You are talking to me.... Thanks again!

Hi Mo! "Bullshit opinions" and "Simulation Overflow" are phenomenal essays. You're obviously a talented human being who jumped out of one of the jars. (Like in "The Matrix" LOL) Keep on creating! Cheers, Mitchell "Anklebuster" Allen

You seem to understand where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are headed if we don’t change course. Glad you know the score. Don’t ever compromise on your values.

Your website reminds me of how the internet should be

You are a legend

I always like to receive your emails!

Linked to the blog, stayed for the photos!

I'm exploring Standard Notes & Listed blogging platform. I like SN's ethos! Keep up the good work.

I enjoyed reading your 'Science Client' post. Its a great thought and can really apply to many aspects of our lives

Loved your essay on productive individuals being more important than teams. I agree. There are extremely rare cases where two or more talented individuals work together to produce something brilliant, but I find mostly that's not the case.

I love what you've done with Standard Notes! Amazing notetaking product and I love that it's open-source and self-hostable. Your blog is a joy to read. - stefan

Stumbled across your entries and enjoyed reading them at 2am when I should have been sleeping (curse you!). But also thank you for sharing your thoughts and making these awesome platforms

Keep up the good work man! All the best to you and your recovery!

Sad to hear about your NSF. A good time to write a checkpoint though. I'm not sure if you noticed.. perhaps intuitively... reality just forked on Tuesday night.

> I don’t struggle with boredom. The days are short. Totally feel this!

I jump every time there is a email notification of your new blog entry.

Mo, I'm really moved by your post on Death. I lost my father two years ago and this post really resonated with me. Death is universal and the one who is aware of it; is always better prepared for it.