What's your axiom?

Rumor has it that we only live once. Of course, we live an infinite number of times, as we are just processes that execute the function of life. But while you’re here, while you’re in this body, and while you have the ability to harness raw materials and transform them into another order, why not indulge? Why not explore? It takes only one axiom.

If you can decide that 1+1=2, then the powerful rest follows. What is your 1+1=2? What is something that no matter how inhospitable your surroundings become, will always reign true and is thus something you can perpetually rely on? This helps, because it’s your home base. It’s from whence you detach and to where you return.

When you have an axiom, it’s a lot easier to make difficult decisions. When you unfurl all the complexity and mathematics and emotion, what should remain is a solid foundation consisting of any one thing you choose and trust.

I speak in total abstraction because I have lost my mind ages ago, but, to give perhaps one contrived example: When I quit my job to focus full time on my current endeavor, the possibilities for fear were endless. What if this, what if that. In the end, my axiom was simple: I’m not going to starve. No matter how bad it gets, I trust in my ability to not let myself starve. (Whooppee, I’m touting the most basic biological function as something I’ve manipulated to my advantage.) I trust in my ability to solve problems when they are thrown at me. Have you been known to be someone who is good at solving problems? Great. You’ll do just fine, no matter what situation you’re thrown in.

Ultimately, I might fail. I might screw up. I might die in tragedy. But trying—that’s the stuff of life.

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